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About Me & Review Policy for Reading Rumpus

If you are here to learn about me: Welcome.

I have a doctorate in Curriculum, Teaching & Teacher Education, a masters in Reading Education and a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education, but mostly, I quite simply have an all-encompassing love of books. I hold teaching certifications in reading, English, media specialist, elementary as well as an ESOL endorsement. I have been a teacher in grades 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 10, a reading specialist and instructional coach in both middle and elementary schools, and a media specialist in a middle school.

I live in Florida with my husband. He is a pilot and loves to make artistic things out of wood. We have been together since we met in high school band, which is way too long ago to disclose. Our three children are now grown. I am proud to say that they are all readers.

If you are here to send me a book: 
I love you.

I post children’s reviews here and on Library Thing. I used to post adult fiction reviews on Many A Quaint and Curious Volume.

This site is a labor of love. I make no money from these reviews and have grown more selective in the titles I read. My primary interests are children & teen literature, magical realism, historical fiction, fantasy, science & speculative fiction. I am not a mystery, thriller or romance reader.

I strive to write honest, succinct and perceptive reviews. I'll not promise you that I will like your book; if it needs editing or lacks character depth, be warned. To help you out, I will mention that my favorite children’s writers are Lois Lowry, Kate DiCamillo, Neil Gaiman, Katherine Applegate and Roald Dahl. I have a great appreciation for Where the Wild Things Are, adore Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH and think The Lorax is the best Seuss book. My family would tell you that I am the human form of Olivia. I subscribe to the Stephen King School of Thought when it comes to Rowling vs. Myers.

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Disclosure: I receive no monetary compensation for this site, but some links are part of the Amazon Associates program. Buying from them earns me money to buy more books! If I receive a book for possible review, I disclose that within the review post.
Disclaimer #1: It's important to note that the opinions & commentary published here have nothing to do with my employer. They are purely my own :-)
Disclaimer #2:  I have created the little buttons on this site using various photos/illustrations from children's literature. I do not claim to own these photos/illustrations, but seek to share them with fellow children's literature aficionados. If there is a copyright issue, please contact me and I will remove the offender. 
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