Pick Me! Pick Me!

I am thrilled to announce that I have been invited back to the CYBILS party! 

Here's why the CYBILS rocks the Newbery:
The books are ones that kids WANT to read. Not to say that the Newbery Committee hasn't gotten it right a few times (The Giver, The Graveyard Book, Holes, Maniac Magee), but most Newbery winners require a bit of cajoling from an adult before a kid will engage. It seems the shiny medal doesn't call to them the way it does teachers and librarians.

The thing that makes the CYBILS so great is the desire to find quality literature that also calls to kids all on its own, without much cajoling (because lets face it, in today's information saturated environment, we have to cajole toward books a little, period).

I'll be looking at middle grade titles in the first round and sending the best of the best of the best onward to the round two judges. My fellow round one judges include:

Colby Sharp of Sharp Read
Jennifer Donovan of 5 Minutes For Books
Karen Yingling of Ms. Yingling Reads
Grier Jewell of Fizzwhizzing Flushbunker
Michael Gettel-Gilmartin of Middle Grade Mafioso
Beth Gallego of Points West

I'm starting my reading/judging today!

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Unknown said...

I love your title. That's how I felt from the time I filled in the application and the time I got the wonderful letter inviting me to be part of the team. I really enjoyed it last year, and think it's the best category for me right now, and I would have been very very sad not to be able to play again this year.

Closing down the computer now to read some awesome Cybils nominated MG fiction.

Ali B said...

You are living a dream. Middle Grades fiction is the best of the best category. Truly ~ I don't know how you'll choose.