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Serendipity Saturday: All the best "stuff" I find interesting all over the place, published on Saturdays, mostly about books and education, but with some nerdy stuff too.......

Some education resources I have stumbled upon:

Getty Virtual Library - great for art teachers, but you might find some general knowledge text mixed in for interdisciplinary use

Wellcome Images - free use images (both via Bookshelves of Doom)

ReadWorks - every reading teacher/ language arts teacher knows about this place, right? So good it is worth repeating; over & over

Great 3 part Edutopia sessions on Close Reads

For parents (and teachers): Guides to the big social media sites from ConnectSafely

Did you know that Google has a great archive of old newspapers?

For my ELA pals.... Storyboard That, a place to create storyboards for free

It occurred to me that I've never posted about the Scholastic resource page, "Read Everyday, Lead A Better Life." It's been around a loooong time, but it's still adding resources!

Some great education articles I have been reading:

Grading First Graders, Seriously? on Chicago Now explores how we are continuing to lose sight of how to teach 'a child.'

If you read no other education centered article this week, read this one: The Failure of Test-Based Accountability by Marc Tucker for Education Week. It really nails how professional educators are feeling and why many are leaving the profession. 

After I read/saw a video of teachers being treated like idiots, I didn't know whether to laugh, cry or scream! The best question is why did they all sit there and take it? Honestly, it says something about how the very nature of teachers keeps them from advocating for all the crazy that his being heaped upon them! Head over to The Goddess of YA Literature to see for yourself!

Another (I could post hundreds of links) fed-up with testing teacher post: A good one. 

Why is this still happening? Can we get a voice of reason to be heard? When will we stop bullying students?

Something to think about:

The Let Toys Be Toys Campaign has started a petition to STOP labeling books as "boy" or "girl" books! Hurrah! 
You can sign the petition HERE

(found via Wands & Worlds)

Because Reading Rumpus values FUN over all this depressing education news......A website made to look like the Real Ministry of Magic UK government website. Ha! I would love to see it grow, but it looks like just a one trick pony.....

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