Do Not Open by John Farndon - Mini Book Review

DK Publishing, the king of vivid photography and tantalizing trivia, has done it once again with Do Not Open: An encyclopedia of the world's best kept secrets. The large chrome safe-like box houses a hardback book filled with brightly engaging graphics that pull the reader's eyes to the page. The text is just enough to quench a hungry investigator's thirst.

I own several DK Publishing books, both for children and adults, and have NEVER been disappointed. I could see using this book in a secondary classroom by assigning the various secrets to groups, having them research the facts further, and then present the underlying facts about the secret. Elementary students could do much the same just by using the information contained within this volume.

A fantastic addition to any 5th - 12th grade classroom, but the adults might steal a peek too!

Genre: Nonfiction. Age: All. Pages 192.

Themes: Secrets, Random Facts, Fun Observations
Publisher: DK Children. Date: November 2007
ISBN-10: 0756632056 / ISBN-13: 978-0756632052

Buy Do Not Open: An encyclopedia of the world's best kept secrets Here

John Farndon has written over 300 nonfiction books, many of which have been sited for excellence. He is based in London. You can read more on his author website here. By clicking on the read more reviews tab, you'll see many accolades for Do Not Open, including part of this one :-)

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