Kindle: A Reading Educator Ponders The Possible Positives

I've been coveting an Amazon Kindle for some time, but I keep waiting on Steve to send me an Apple version. My patience is wearing thin after hearing yet another glowing report over on a book blog I read, Bloody Hell, It's A Book Barrage!

As a reading educator, I'm excited about where this might lead. If young adults embrace this with even a third of the zeal they've embraced the iPod, think where reading might be headed. A good reading teacher knows that motivation to read is 75% of the battle, especially with adolescents. With so many electronic/tech gadgets, how can a stuffy old book compete?

Although I'd like to be a bibliopurist, I am always a tech. geek at heart. I do love the smell and feel of books, but does that trump my love of tech gadgets and, more importantly, concern for the environment? Why aren't the Greenies screaming 'hallelujah' over this Kindle thing? The only folks with a possible loss is this matter are the printers and mega-bookstores as writers, agents and publishers can still keep doing what they do best. If Kindle takes off, and thus increases reader population, there's a huge opportunity for larger profits from increased sales and lower production costs.

As a reading educator, ANYTHING that motivates reading is of GREAT interest to me. I see Amazon has them in stock after a long backorder delay.... Hmmm.... I did get my tax refund yesterday......
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