National Poetry Month: Ideas galore all across the web

Here is a hodge-podge of sites for my teacher friends: has great ideas for incorporating poetry ---> Here
and also on conducting a poetry read-a-thon -----> Here
and ways to get the community involved ---> Here
and a list of cities with poetry activites ----> Here

Scholastic has a great support site with grade level resources -----> Here

Teacher Vision has awesome poetry podcasts ----> Here plus... poems of the day, lesson plans and slideshows -----> Here

Teacher Planet has complied stuff from around the web -----> Here

Education World has stuff ---> Here

Harcourt Books has a downloadable curriculum kit ----> Here

Read Write Think is stocked with a roundup of sites ---> Here

Finally, hurry on over to author Karma Wilson's blog to enter for a chance to win a signed copy of Bear Feels Sick. I couldn't find a deadline so you'd better hurry -----> Here
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