Have you missed the Eragon fun? - Mini Book Review

If you saw the movie, but didn't read the book, then listen up! Eragon is a fantastic tale, all the more special coming from the head of a teenager. The movie was r-o-t-t-e-n! You should give the book a chance.
Eragon is the story of yet another young lad who finds himself thrust into renown & greatness (sure to please the maturing Harry Potter crowd). The story opens with a bang when an egg hatches and marks its finder as the first of a lost line of men called Riders. This encounter changes the young man's fate from farm boy to hero. Throw in a wise teacher, a corrupt & powerful tyrant, a scary henchman, a few friends, elves, dwarves, and a dragon and we're off on the adventure! Though one can criticize the formulated fantasy leanings of the young writer, it's much nicer to note that it's a fun ride. The plot stays course and the characters are endearing.

The story is aimed for secondary students, but I'd also recommend the series as a read aloud for intermediate elementary students. Themes of fate, longing, metamorphosis, and courage abound and the author, Christopher Paolini, throws in a few teen angst themes for good measure.

Fantasy can easily lend itself to the reluctant readers for several reasons. One, the action filled plot lines tend to engage readers quickly. Two, the made-up words assist in the explanation of language and reading structure. And finally, the familiar themematic structure of fantasy lends itself well to the disadvantaged reader.

Book two, Eldest, is almost as good and book three, Brisingr, is dropping on September 20th.

Don't miss this trilogy. It's sure to become a classic!

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