Arthur of Albion by John Matthews and illustrated by Pavel Tatarnikov - Mini Book Review

The back cover of Arthur of Albion says that the publisher, Barefoot Books, celebrates art & story. This couldn’t be truer. Arthur of Albion by John Matthews and illustrated by Pavel Tatarnikov is lavish and gilded, putting one in the perfect mood to travel back to Arthurian times. Though it is the size of a picture book, it’s really filled with stories of quests and magic, chivalry and wonder.

The author has condensed the traditional Arthurian legends into smaller snippets for a quick introduction to Arthur Pendragon. The stories are short enough to hold student interest, yet long enough to provide the essentials. Though Arthur of Albion would work well as an elementary read aloud, I feel its best audience is the middle school set. The vocabulary is just challenging enough for reading enhancement, the stories just long enough to pique interest. It would also work well as a supplemental material for various units of study (ie: medieval histories and romances, ancient British history, folklore & Arthur himself).

Recommended to enhance unit supplementals, for read-alouds and for those with an interest in knights or the Arthurian legends.
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Genre: Short Story, Folklore & Legend. Age: 9-12. Pages: 96.

Themes: Hero Quest, Romance, Strength of Character
Publisher: Date: September 2008.
ISBN-10: 1846860490 / ISBN-13: 978-1846860492

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