Four Days A Week: Enough?

I am sure you have all been noticing the four day week discussions popping up in various education articles and I am trying to decide where I stand on this issue. New Hampshire's recent decision to alter the final two years of high school was an easy one for me as I have been preaching European vs. agrarian arguments on both year-round school and early graduation for years, but any fiscal argument for cutting the school week to four days will not wash with me.

Educational waste is as prevalent as government waste. Schools are too big (my last elementary had 1300 students) and are basically being run as giant corporations (mine is the 5th largest in nation). However, cutting educational time just doesn't seem like the answer. I am all for streamlining, but with the demands of standardized tests taking huge blocks of time, I wonder which programs will hit the chopping block? I am sure the arts will be hit the hardest (they are always the first to go) and the quiet pleasure of D.E.A.R. and the fun of recess will also be hit.

Here are some links for you to ponder:

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I am going to be thinking about this one as I enjoy my pumpkin pie. Oh, who am I kidding? - I'll think about it on Monday ;-)
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