The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins - Mini Book Review

In my typically late to the party fashion, I finally got around to reading The Hunger Games. All I can say is that right now author Suzanne Collins had better be holed up in her house writing frantically. Not since Pottermania have I so desperately hungered for a sequel. I was enthralled, totally possessed, by each passing page. What a way to begin my New Year in books!

I saw the stellar reviews across the book blogosphere and was excited when my copy arrived, but man, did it live up to the hype. Each new page held a teacher’s treasure trove of ideas. Themes, writing devices, elaborate plot structures, spot-on character investment... the list is innumerable. Science Fiction, Dystopia, Suspense, Reality TV & Romeo and Juliet all seem deficient when describing this action-packed novel.

I'll not add another recap of the plot as the links below have all done a fantastic job of reviewing it. I'll just add: Go. Buy. The Hunger Games. HERE

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Genre: Science Fiction. Age: Young Adult. Pages: 384.

Themes: Everything!!!
Special Thanks to The Picnic Basket. Publisher: Scholastic. Date: September 2008.

ISBN-10: 0439023483 / ISBN-13: 978-0439023481

Buy The Hunger Games Here

Look at these many and well-deserved awards!

Author interview & chapter readings can be seen HERE and HERE. You can also read the first chapter, but be warned... you will run straight out to buy the book.

We must all wait until September 2009 for the first sequel, Catching Fire.

Suzanne Collins on her inspiration:

Suzanne Collins was an Emmy-nominated writer for Nickelodeon television for many years until children’s author James Proimos convinced her to try writing for children. Her first attempt, the Underland Chronicles series was a huge hit. She cites her military upbringing, a love of mythology and her sword fighting past as influences. You can read more about her on her Scholastic bio. site.

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