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Today is the big day. Neil Gaiman fans have been waiting with bated breath for the release of Coraline. Oh, it's not just us Gaiman fans, but also the Nightmare Before Christmas crowd. I think we might be the same crowd, though.
Here are few links to explore:

Read the ENTIRE book: HERE

Facts about the movie on Wiki: HERE

School Library Review Journal review: HERE

Our new first couple read a book, The Moon Over Star, to some second graders and sales go through the roof! Imagine that :-) (via SLJ). I don't know this title. Guess I'll have to do some research!

If you enjoyed Aretha Franklin's hat on Inauguration Day and you're a kid lit lover (why else are you here?), then you'll like Collecting Children's Books Hat's Off post: Here.

One of Laura Bush's book picks has been banned in a California school district: HERE (via IRA). Book banning! Bah!

Why isn't every school district trying to entice a few good men like Allen County, Indiana? Makes huge sense to me: Here.

Joanne Meier of Reading Rockets has a good point about not fixing specific diagnostically tested reading skills which are part of a larger problem. Brain food for preschool/kindergarten educators: HERE.

Every school needs a reading coach! From IndyStarHERE.

I'm hiding this toward the bottom, lest I be attacked, but I couldn't agree more:
Stephen King on the merits of two VERY popular writers: HERE. (Let it be noted that I only read half of the first Meyer novel .... couldn't get any farther without cringing)


I would be TOTALLY remiss if I didn't mention the coolest thing to hit the world of Children's Literature since sliced bread: Kidlitosphere Central. Find all the best reviews, news, and love of everything Kid Lit in one place!
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