The Future Is Knocking.... Cybils, Blogs and New Media

So the Cybils winners are finally announced and they easily illustrate the influence the blogging world has on literature. Not just kid lit, but all forms of print media are feeling the pressure. Newspapers and magazines are closing their doors, more and more people are getting their news and information from the www.

See, there is both a place for high-brow Harold Blooms and a place for us lowly M.S. in Reading folks who simply love books. We don't want to be Maud Newton (well, maybe a little). We just want to spread our love of children's literature. We don't mind getting some free swag, but we'd write and talk about books no matter.

It's just another rung in the changing media world, but when I look at the quality of literature epitomized in the Cybils choices, I can't help but feel a small victory for kidlitospheredom. I remember when cable TV trespassed on the big three. Everyone said cable would be the end of public television, but we simply have more choices now. We can watch PBS (Harold & Maud's channel) or we can watch HBO (who says the Sopranos were low-brow?).

And when I look at the Cybils winners, I see dedicated children's literature lovers changing world media. One post at a time.

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