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Our White House: Looking In, Looking Out - Book Review Mini-Style

I heard quite a bit of buzz about Our White House: Looking In, Looking Out last fall, but forgot about it until I was offered a sneak peak. And although I was only given a tiny taste, it was enough to know that the entree must be a fantastic feast.

Our White House: Looking In, Looking Out is a compilation of stories, poems, essays, illustrations, cartoons and historical tidbits that are engaging and informative (at least those I've previewed). With 108 children's literature authors and illustrators, the book forms a who’s-who for Kiddie Lit. 101 and additionally includes writings from various historical statesmen.

Compiled by the National Children's Book and Literary Alliance, and eight years in the making, Our White House: Looking In, Looking Out is a must for libraries and social studies classrooms. I’ve not seen anything quite so captivating in a long time.

The National Children's Book and Literary Alliance has a fantastic website where one can download a President Obama sticker to add to the presidential time-line pages. Here's the site. The website also includes a few additional stories and information which you can navigate to by clicking on the Our White House> Web Exclusives tab (Or you can just click here).
Plus ... don't miss audio selections with several authors: Here.
And ...Teachers can check out their historical reference page: Here.

Thank You to The Picnic Basket & Candlewick for allowing me this tiny, but tasty, preview.
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