Little Books by Amy Krouse Rosenthal with illustrations by Jen Corace - Picture Book Review

Little Pea was a finicky eater.

Little Hoot wasn't happy about bedtime.

And now Little Oink is worried about cleaning up his mess.

Amy Krouse Rosenthal has a sure knack for twisting childhood dilemmas into teachable moments without being preachy, a difficult task when writing for children and especially in stories with firm moralistic implications. The understated smartness is further enhanced by the subtle and whimsical illustrations by Jen Corace.

Cute picture books. Fantastic word play. Teachers & parents with children in the 2-6 age range would do well to add these books to their collections.

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Genre: Picture Book. Age: 2-8 years old. Pages: 36.
Themes: Humor, Making Decisions
Thank you to Picnic Basket.
Publisher: Chronicle.
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Little Books Site
via Chronicle Books filled with all sorts of fun stuff!

Author Podcast on The Land of Nod HERE

Amy Krouse Rosenthal like penguins, potato chips and yoga (not to be confused with yogurt). You can learn more on her blog or on the Chronicle Books site.

Illustrator Jen Corace has a thing for bumper cars and toast. You can learn more about her on her website or on the Chronicle Books site.

Though it just about tells the whole story, here's the book trailer:

As an added bonus, the Chronicle Books website for the series is having a contest worth $2,500! (You can also find all sorts of great information)

Go to the site: HERE

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