Wonder by R. J. Palacio - book review

In my typical late-to-the-party fashion, I am going to gush about Wonder. You will find all sorts of glowing reviews and pronouncements of 2013 Newbery contention across the bibliosphere. I doubt I have much to add. It's good, REALLY good. It's important, especially given all the needed focus on bullying, REALLY important and timely. It probably does have a decent Newbery chance for 2013 (although I will argue that it is a bit too anchored in modern vernacular and cultural reference to fit Newbery and also because I really want The One and Only Ivan,  which is better in the timeless writing category though equal in the authentic voice category, to have a chance too).

It is everything you have read about: poignant, realistic, well-written, authentically voiced, truly a fantastic addition to children's literature. I bought 25 copies for our school....

Since I have nothing to add to the Wonder lovefest; I guess I will do what I do here and post the linky stuff one will need for classroom assistance!