I am already sick of resolutions.

For many years I joined the resolution party. Diet & exercise, read more, give more, laugh more, write more.... Today's bundle of rss feeds were all about resolutions. I am already sick of resolutions. Day one & done.

The fact is, I am super busy. My job is demanding. I am trying hard to get motivated about a doctorate in a field from which I have lost faith. My aging mother has moved in with me. My husband is probably getting laid-off. My house is 3700 sq. feet and five toilets of nonstop cleaning. I am not going to post more. I read a book every couple days, but writing about it is another task in a long line of tasks. I can resolve all I want; there are just so many hours.

So...... even though I should be resolving to write more here, I am not going to do that. I refuse to lie to you.  I adore children's literature, love to talk about it, jump at chances to read with students, but I just can't be a daily, or even weekly, writer.

P.S. You know this is a reverse psychology post, right?

-------------------- That's all folks! --------------------
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