2014. Really? Last year at this time, I was posting about how I wasn't going to resolve to write more. It was a reverse psychology ploy that didn't work. I wrote less in 2013 than any time in the past six years. I'm not starting 2014 much better. So this year? I do resolve to spend more time at Reading Rumpus!

First out the gate? CYBILS 2013! This year I was asked to look at young adult nonfiction titles. Since the choices have been made and the titles are up (here), I am going to honestly say that I was disappointed in the category. I had hoped, with the nonfiction focus shift in Common Core Standards, that I would find some great new nonfiction to recommend to my colleagues. There weren't many nominations, probably because the category has a limited number of published titles. That's something for writers to think about...... I think we looked at something like fifty titles and I would recommend, maybe, six. Three of those would be with cautionary comments. All in all, the titles were way too dry. I understand that these are young adult titles, but they are YOUNG adults.