Choose Your Path Books continue the fun for a new generation of adventurers

Remember the "Choose Your Own Adventure" series of books from the 80's? My kids loved those things and when I started teaching in the 90's, they were still going strong with my students. You have to figure that those original readers of the genre are now the parents of this generation, eager to expose their kids to the fun!

Smartly, Lake 7 Creative Publishing has launched the "Can You Survive?" series in the same vein. This time, kids choose their way through classic tales of Hercules, Perseus,  Treasure Island, King Soloman, and Robin Hood. Dubbed "Choose Your Path" books, these titles will excite a new generation of adventure-seeking readers.

Elementary age students are going to devour these. Recommended for both library and classroom purchase.

Genre: Adventure
Age:  3rd - 6th grade
Thank You: Media Masters Publicity & Lake 7 Creative Publishing for my review copies
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