Serendipity Saturday

Wonderful article at on E.B. White and how his love of animals influenced his writing. HERE

 Books I want to read ASAP:

How to Lose a Lemur
Extraordinary Jane

I am such a sucker for alternate tellings, I feel that I must have this one: Dorothy Must Die

Education Articles:

Here's a letter to President Obama asking him to consider testing from the view of the author's 7th grade daughter. The author's daughter is the same age as the president's youngest daughter, Sasha, who attends private school and, thus, isn't mandated to take these ridiculous assessments.  (via The Washington Post).

Edutopia (one of my favorite hang outs) has a good artcile on teaching critical thinking with fables. After reading the article, I was reminded of all the fractured fairy tales/fables and how one can use those in the critical thinking scenario. Check it out HERE

According to the U.S. Dept of Ed, the president has asked them "to lay out a plan to strengthen America’s teacher preparation programs for public discussion by this summer, and to move forward on schedule to publish a final rule within the next year." Oh boy. More rules. More testing. More pointing fingers. While I agree that their cute infographic has some valid points, I doubt they will use observational data to improve these areas.

Social Studies teachers might want to check out the list of websites for geolocating historical events. Really cool! Check them out at Free Technology for Teachers HERE

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