Planes Go by Stephen Light

Planes Go is part of a wonderful series of board books. I was only able to see a copy of this title, but the other books in the series include: Trucks Go, Trains Go, and Diggers Go.

Publisher's Synopsis: " The helicopter goes, "PITTATATATA PITTATATATA PITTATATATA." The jumbo jet goes, "Wheeeeeeeee VRRRRRRRRRRUUUHHHHHHHHHMMM." The propeller plane goes, "HUK HUK HUK WHIRRRRRRR WHIRRRRRR." Prepare for liftoff with 8 exciting aircraft and the noises they make in this irresistible board book! The long, oversized format lends itself to the shape of the vehicles and stands out on the shelf, and the boisterous text begs to be read aloud."

My Thoughts: LOVE this little book. Perfect for preschoolers. It has an odd shape, is great for practicing sounds and ends with a really big bang. If I ever get a grandkid, all of these books are on my list for sure. Don't let the 'boy' theme fool you. Little princesses will enjoy these too! (Check out the Let Books Be Books! campaign!)

Publisher: Chronicle Books (Thanks for my advance copy!)
Release Date: August 12, 2014
 ISBN: 978-1452128993
Author Steve Light loves drawing and making things. He collects fountain pens and sharing his art & stories with kids. You can read more about him on his website: HERE.

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