Fun Vocabulary-Building Books for the Earliest Readers

(Thank you @ChronicleKids)

I am always excited to find  beginner books from @ChronicleKids because as a reading specialist (and soon to be school media specialist), I really understand just how important it is for parents to read good, exciting and fun books to their babies and toddlers. There is much research backing what those of us who have been in the struggling reader trenches know by living it.

I absolutely love Who Done It? by Olivier Tallec! Perfect for mastering the skill of using clues to make inferences, the reader must look at the illustrations to answer a question on each page. This one isn't out until October, 2015, but new and/or expecting parents or grandparents need to pre-order!

Because I am a middle school teacher, I typically give all my beginning books away to a local preschool or friends with young ones, but I am keeping this one! Funny, cute watercolor illustrations, and skill-building: this one is a keeper.

You can pre-order  Who Done It? HERE

Good for practicing beginning vocabulary and directions, All Shook Up! by Alain Crozon is an interactive book with bright, bold illustrations that ask you to shake up the various critters by moving their ears, noses, wings, etc...

Available August 18, 2015 HERE

Who's There? is also by Alain Crozon and sports the same bright, silly illustrations. This time, the interaction comes in the form of onomatopoeia. Young children learn sound words for some common and also not so common objects.

 Again available August 18, 2015 HERE

Finally, for the very young, is a couple board books that help babies learn about happy and sad as the little driver makes various trucks go and various makes friends smile. These will be available September 15, 2015, but you can preorder them HERE

Thank you to Chronicle Kids for the copies of some great new books for parents, grandparents & teachers this fall!

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