New Roads

So.... I took a bit of time off from this little book blog. I didn't intend for it to be so long, but what with a never-ending mountain of doctoral  reading/writing and a year working as a library media specialist, time just slipped away. This morning I start a new journey, one that I hope will offer me more time for a love of books: elementary reading specialist. Ironic that being a library media specialist left me no time for books. 

       Like all change, it's scary. I haven't stepped an instructional toe inside an elementary school since 2005; and the change happens just as I begin my doctoral research, confusing my research angle. But... I am also exceptionally excited about the new school year as I walk away from a disastrous one. 

       When I earned the media specialist certification in 1999, I dreamed of one day working as a 'librarian.' I have always held the utmost respect for the job and can now, having done a year in the modern 'media specialist' gig, truly say that it is a very big job caught in a socially morphing world. I wish my year had gone differently, but schools, like all human-inhabited spaces, are political and I was not a member of the ruling party. In truth, I cannot yet ascertain whether it was the job of library media specialist or the environment. I do know that I missed instructional coaching and I missed being a reading specialist....

But, I digress... I wanted to come here to thank the publishers who have kept sending me books and the authors who have reached out to me. Thank you. Your stacks of wonder line my home office and I have not forgotten the joy of books and reading. I choose happiness and positivity and I will get your wonders posted out to the internets real soon, promise. 

-------------------- That's all folks! --------------------
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