Ready to Ride by Sébastien Pelon - a book bite

Publisher’s Synopsis: “A funny, feel good book with a can-do attitude for anyone who's ever tried to ride a bike, about freedom, friendship, and the joy of cycling without stabilisers for the very first time.

A little boy is told to play outside by his mum and bumps into an imaginary friend with whom he goes for a bike ride. At first he finds it difficult to keep up, but with the imaginary friend’s help he takes off the bike’s stabilisers and learns to freewheel – all the way home.

Stunning illustrations and an imaginative design make this a really special picture book gift for little bike riders everywhere.”

My Two Cents:   Ready to Ride is a simple little book about the joy of learning to ride a bike without training wheels and the feeling of becoming a “big boy.” The imaginary friend is endearing and helps the boy overcome his fears and increase his tenacity. The illustrations are fun, going back and forth between traditional picture book style and graphic novel style. It would be a nice introduction to that type of print for young ones. 

That being said, there’s really not a lot educational ‘stuff’ to opine about. Therefore, I will just quickly say that limited budget libraries might want to make sure they have a demographic for it and parents who are teaching kids to ride a bike might find a place for it as it is a limited-in-scope title.

Genre: Picture Book
Age: Preschool -2nd Grade
Pages: 32
Themes: Learning to ride a bike, imaginary friends, tenacity,
Thank You to Quarto Publishing Group and NetGalley for my digital copy!
Date: June 19, 2018
ISBN: 978-1910277737

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