What if Everybody Thought That? by Ellen Javernick with illustrations by Colleen Madden - a mini review

What If Everybody Thought That?
Publisher's Synopsis: "What if everybody were more thoughtful before they judged someone? If you see someone in a wheelchair, you might think he or she couldn’t compete in a race. But…you might be wrong. What if you see a child with no hair? Do you think she is embarrassed all the time? How about a kid who has a really hard time reading? Do you think that means he’s not smart? You might think so. But…you might be wrong. With clear prose and lighthearted artwork, this companion book to the bestseller What If Everybody Did That? explores the preconceived notions we have about the world and encourages kids to be more thoughtful."
My Two Cents: Third in a series intended to make kids think about their actions,
What If Everybody Thought That? stands out from its predecessors because it asks them to consider their internal dialogue, not something typically asked of children. The other titles in the series involve actions (saying and doing) toward others whereas here, children are asked to consider their presumptions. For this, I think What If Everybody Thought That? stands out.  Teachers can really spend some great discussion time talking about how our thoughts impact not only our actions, but our perceptions of the world around us, especially negatively.  Though the publisher lists 4-8 as the age range, I think this book would be excellent for intermediate children to jump off talking about their own internal dialogues (and not just about others, but about themselves also).  I am a huge proponent of mindfulness and metacognition within reading comprehension instruction and I could see What If Everybody Thought That?  further used as a way-in book on mindfulness comprehension strategy instruction...
Genre: Realistic Fiction Picture Book 
Age: 4-8 from publisher, but I would also use this as a way-in book for other students to discuss internal dialogues, assumptions, perceptions and how negative thoughts affect our perceptions
Pages: 32
Thank You to Blue Slip Media for my review copy!
Publisher: Two Lions
Date: August 2019
Themes: Internal Dialogue & Perception, Preconceived Notions of Others
Character: Not any one specifically
Plot: Not driven by plot, driven by introspection
Originality: Similar to previous in series (see below)
Believability: Somewhat didactic which will turn some readers away from self-selection. Better used as class read aloud & discussion book
Diversity: Strong representation of diversity
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