The Dangerous Days Of Daniel X by James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge - Book Review

Daniel would like to tell you about his life. He’s fifteen and an orphan. When he was three, he heard his parents being murdered while he hid in the basement. The murderer, The Prayer, came looking for Daniel too, but it’s kind of hard to find a kid who can change matter, including his own matter.

Yes, Daniel’s a superhero and alien hunter. He might even be an alien himself. He’s managed to survive since his parent’s death and has taken up the family mission of hunting alien outlaws bent on destroying Earth.

The Dangerous Days Of Daniel X has some positive characteristics especially suited for reluctant readers. The first person narration is engaging; it feels as if Daniel is letting the reader in on a secret. Daniel is likable and sincere, someone I’d like to know in real life. It is easy to identify with him and trust his voice. The short chapters are excellent for reluctant readers. I don’t know if this is Patterson/Ledwidge's typical style or a conscious effort for the target audience, but it’s a good choice. Fast pace adventure lends itself well to readers with little patience.

However, there are quite a few problems in the telling of the tale. The story lacks something tangible in it’s plotting. There are hinted clues that never quite come to fruition, though I hope these will work out through the series. Additionally, the plethora of pop culture references will date this book quickly. While funny in 2008, it probably won’t be in 2012. The authors have also committed teen-reader suicide by sermonizing. I once read that a reader should never hear the writer. I knew Patterson/Ledwidge was there and I wanted them to let Daniel tell me the tale.

All in all, I think readers will enjoy the tale of Daniel X, alien hunter. Hopefully the authors will end the sermons on drugs and which books to read in Daniel X volume 2.

Reader recommendations: ages 11- adult, adventure loving Sc-Fi readers, comic book readers looking for a novel and a special recommendation for reluctant readers.

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Genre: Science Fiction. Age: Young Adult. Pages: 272.

Themes: Action-Adventure, Courage, Strength of Character

Publisher: Little, Brown. Date: July 2008.
ISBN-10: 0316002925 / ISBN-13: 978-0316002929

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