Savvy by Ingrid Law - Book Review

Savvy is one of those stories I wish that I had read when I was thirteen. The kind that would have stayed with me. The kind that would have been remembered for thirty-one years. The kind I would have shared with my daughter. It’s a charming coming-of-age tale with a unique slant, a great plot and wonderfully real characters.

Mississippi, Mibs for short, is turning thirteen. It’s a special birthday. No, not because she’ll officially be a teen, but because she will get her savvy. All the folks in Mibs family get their savvy on their thirteenth birthday. Grandpa found he could move mountains and Grandma caught radio waves in mason jars. Her brothers create storms and electricity. What will Mississippi’s thirteenth birthday bring?

Unfortunately for Mibs, family tragedy will interfere with her special birthday. This will lead Mibs and her friends on an adventure filled with growth, understanding and friendship. None in her band of runaways will end the journey in the same place from whence they came and they'll touch a few lives along the way.

As a debut author, Ingrid Law did two things completely right with Savvy. She didn’t over-sweeten and she told the standard coming-of-age tale in a unique manner. Mibs is a real character with a personality to match the savvy she inherits. In fact, all the characters are well developed and personable (even the prissy preacher’s wife). The plot moves swift and bumpy, just like the bus that transports us.

Savvy is an excellent tale with special recommendations for girls in the 10 - 13 age bracket, readers who enjoy magical tales, or those interested in coming-of-age tales. Perfect for classrooms and libraries serving grades 4th -7th.

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Genre: Fantasy. Age: 9-12. Pages: 352.

Themes: Uniqueness, Determination, Cooperation.
Note to teachers & parents: a Google search for the book’s title will first result in some inappropriate materials so you might want to use the terms “Savvy Ingrid Law”

Publisher: Dial. Date: May 2008.
ISBN-10: 0803733062 / ISBN-13: 978-0803733060

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Wow! Things sure move fast. It seems Savvy has been optioned by Walden Media on a fast track to movie super-stardom (source: Variety). With sequels an easy thing for this tale, I see Ingrid Law, a single mother living in a trailer, as moving on up to a deluxe apartment in the sky.

Here's the book trailer for good measure:
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