Great Video on School Voucher Debate

I have always been a public school teacher. I have worked in four different schools. One was great, two were good, and one was appalling. I have had friends involved with private schools tell me the same thing: some are good, some not so much.

Please allow me an illustrative, though somewhat over-simplified, scenario:
My husband likes Chinese food at restaurant X, I like it at Y. He is all about the egg rolls and beef pepper steak, I am all about the chicken chow mien and sushi. We rarely eat Chinese at the same place. We have a CHOICE. I believe in competition as a motivating force.

Go watch this fantastic video and come back here to tell me what you think. I'd sure like to know your thoughts :-)
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jenclair said...

This is a hard one! As a retired public school teacher from a family that has had an inordinate number of teachers over the years, I still want to believe in the public school system.

Here in Louisiana, however, a large number of public schools are failures. There are some excellent magnet schools, and in our area, some other very good schools, but fewer good than bad.

In some areas of the state, it is much worse. Not that all private schools are great, either...

School reform has not seemed to work and many good schools have deteriorated as a result of well-intentioned reform.

I don't know the answers...but I find the current state of public education a bit frightening.