A Wild Rumpus Movie & The Wild Thing President

It is no secret that I named Reading Rumpus after Where the Wild Things Are. I have adored the book for as long as I can remember. During Fuse #8's roundup of the best in children's picture books, there was never a doubt in my mind that I would choose it as my number one pick. Though the results aren't completely in, I can confidently predict that Where the Wild Things Are will be the #1 pick!

So, I was really excited the night I watched Monsters Vs. Aliens when the first official Where the Wild Things Are movie trailer showed:

I'm not certain what to make of it....
I like that it's not Disneyed up and I like the artsy feel, but there have long been rumors of problems on the, Spike Jonze directed & Tom Hanks produced, set. I wrote about the early leaks HERE and author Lori Calabrese chronicled some difficulties for Examiner.com HERE.

There is a website for the movie with a few still pictures HERE.

Most of you have seen our new president reading Where the Wild Things Are during the White House Easter Egg Roll. But if you somehow missed it, head over and watch HERE. He does a good job, handles a few rambunctious tykes and even gets the secret service guy to perk up a bit!

I also have to do some name dropping. My cousin is an actress who starred in a Spike Jonze advertisement for the Gap. I'm embedding it here because when else might I get a chance to? (she's the screamer)

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