National Geographic Kids Almanac 2010

Students are going to pour over the fabulously stuffed-to-the-brim National Geographic Kids Almanac 2010.  Is it possible to pack any more animals, geography and culture into a book? This book is great for mini-reports or beginnings of further exploration on an amazing array of topics. The only criticism, from a reluctant reader standpoint, is the small text and overwhelming content. Teachers and parents might offer the sections in small chunks to these sorts of readers. 5th - 8th grade readers, especially gifted or strong readers, will have no difficulty, and find the amazing array of facts both fun to read and food for further thought.

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Genre: Nonfiction. Age: 9-12. Pages: 352.
Thank You to Media Masters Publicity for my copy.
Publisher: National Geographic Children's Books. Date: May 2009.
ISBN-13: 978-1426305016
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I began this post hoping to discuss National Geographic Kids Almanac 2010, but I ended up jumping all over the National Geographic websites so I have to include all the goodness here!

National Geographic has long been the leader in the study of the people and creatures of our planet. But do you know about the wonderful resources National Geographic has to offer students? It all begins on their fantastic website, with animal facts, games, quizzes, videos, stories, cartoons, jokes, crafts, recipes, contests, amazing photography and even a club with a personalized Facebook-like page. You can also subscribe to their award winning children’s magazine for $15.

Teachers: scroll all the way to the bottom for an Education Guide link It's a great abundance of teaching support.

There’s also a link to the National Geographic Bee with ten new questions posted every day!

Do you know about the In2Books Community? It’s a group of carefully screened adult volunteer pen pals who will read 5 books and discuss them pen pal style with students.

Most folks have heard of the widely successful ePals, but it’s worth mentioning again. ePals is a global classroom community of pen pals who connect with other classrooms to exchange ideas and discuss current global issues.

Even the little guys have their own site, with Toot & Puddle as their guide! Toot & Puddle rank second only to Olivia in Pig Love with this gal.

Also well worth further investigation is the Giant Traveling Maps. They sure look like fun!

All in all, one could spend a long time exploring the National Geographic National Geographic Website, The place really got this reading educator enthused about geography!

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