Darth Vader & Son by Jeffrey Brown = perfect Father's Day gift

There's a lot of buzz all around the biblio-web concerning the geeky goodness of Darth Vader and Son. The premise is a simple one: What if Darth Vader & Luke were just a normal boy and his dad? Well, how normal Darth Vader would be is a bit of a stretch, but we aren't talking Anakin as a Daddy. We are talking full-on Sith Lord Daddy. Whimsical, fun and an absolute MUST for any Star Wars Daddy. I can't think of a better gift for either of my two sons and am patiently waiting on grandmotherdom so I can gift them with a copy.

Here's a cute trailer if I haven't already convinced you:



 A big THANK YOU to Chronicle Books for the swag!  Look at all the great stuff you can get over on the Chronicle Books website. Well, except for the pins... they sent me those and I am soooo posting that READ poster in my office!

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