I should have been a library specialist rather than a reading specialist

It has been abundantly clear to me for some time that I might be headed in the wrong professional direction. I am angry at the state of educational "reform," find the teaching of phonics to be monumentally boring, get very angry when I have to force politically-motivated state mandates on unsuspecting children and just, generally, am miffed with so many things that I feel powerless to change.

What gets me excited? Books.
Books + children.
Books in the right hands at the right moments.
Books that compliment other books, books that build a vast knowledge of our world and our selves.

Who are my favorite feed-reading rock stars?
Betsy Bird,  Abby the Librarian, Jonathan Hunt, Ms. Yingling, Sondra Eklund, Shelf Elf, Bookshelves of Doom's Leila Roy,  Julie Danielson at 7-Imp, John Shu, Travis at 100 Scope Notes, ..... Oh, I have to stop (and I am certain that I have forgotten some); my RSS reader is stocked with librarians!

Maybe I ought to forget the PhD in Reading Curriculum & Instruction and head over to the Library Science Department? Or maybe I should just put the dusty media specialist certification (that I paid $50 bucks for) to good use?  Hmmmmm...... A plan might be hatching for 2013-14........

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Ms. Yingling said...

If you have the certificate already and there are actually library jobs in your area, you could go for it. In my area, it's never clear whether I will have a job next year or not. Honestly, any PhD thesedays is a waste of time- you'd bebetter off with a two year certification in medical technology. Aat least that's my plan the next time a levy goes down.

Tasses said...

Ms. Yingling,

You are correct. media specialist jobs are shrinking fast. I saw one county in Florida got rid of all of its media specialists and reading specialists, replacing them with clerks. Made me cry for those kiddos :-(

The PhD is only enticing to me as I toy with university teaching. I am also worried about our graduating teachers (or lack thereof). The ones we are getting are so lacking (especially that pesky alternate certification bunch).

Think it might be time for me to grow up and make a job decision before I turn 50!