The Runaway King & The False Prince (first two in The Ascendance Trilogy) by Jennifer A. Nielsen

When The False Prince took the top spot on the CYBILS 2013 SciFi-Fantasy list, I was very happy. Although my personal favorite was The One & Only Ivan, I really felt that The False Prince was probably a better representative for the award. It had wide appeal and at least two sequels to add to the stacks.

Last night I finished The Runaway King and was made even happier that we had chosen The False Prince (though the surprise ending at False Prince's end makes it hard to beat). The characters stayed true to their nature. There's a new mystery/adventure to redress. Fans of The False Prince will be happy.

This series works well for students who like fantasy, mystery, and adventure. I believe it appeals to both boys and girls. I also feel this is a strong series for reluctant readers as the dialogue and quick plotting will hold their focus. The books both end with strong cliffhangers so the ability to keep them reading will be easy!

This series is recommended for all upper elementary and middle school classrooms and libraries.

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Genre: Fantasy
Age: 10 & up
Themes: Overcoming adversity, friendship, staying true to oneself
Character Development: Very strong multi-dimensional characters
Plot Engagement: Quickly engaging, constant action, keeps them reading!
Originality: For young readers there will be a few surprises, but I wouldn't call it unique
Believability: No problem buying in due to quick action & strong characters
Awards: 2013 CYBILS winner!
Thank You: NetGalley
Publisher: Scholastic
Date: Both books are currently available by clicking the links above you will be sent to Amazon

Here's the Trailer for The False Prince. I couldn't find one for The Runaway King .......

 Jennifer Nielsen has always loved reading and writing. Some of her favorite childhood series were The Hardy Boys and Encyclopedia Brown. You can read more about Jennifer Nielsen on her website HERE.

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