Filigree's Midnight Ride - a mini book review

Filigree's Midnight Ride 
Publisher's Synopsis: "Join Filigree, a five-pound Pomeranian, as he stows away on Paul Revere’s midnight ride in this first book of the At the Heels of History series, inspired by important events and told through the eyes, ears, and noses of dogs.

Filigree may be a small puff of a Pomeranian but he has a big, brave heart. As the Revere family dog, he’s ready to do his part to help the American colonists stand up to the British soldiers. But the other dogs, like Jove, Sam Adams’s Newfoundland, and even the Revere cat, Anvil, think Filigree is a joke. The Reveres’ daughter Frances is the only one who believes in him.

When Frances’s father, Paul Revere, leaves home on a secret mission, Filigree and Frances know they have to help, no matter how dangerous it might be. Will a pint-sized pup just be in the way, or can Filigree prove that even a very small dog can fight for freedom?"

My Two Cents: Filigree's Midnight Ride is the first book of the At the Heels of History series, a fun premise where dogs tell historical tales (kinda' like the Wishbone Adventures series). Aside from that great angle,
I think young readers will really gain background knowledge on the Revolutionary War for later retrieval during social studies curriculum. Filigree's Midnight Ride would also be a great fit for 4th - 6th grade striving readers. As an added bonus, there are author’s notes at the book’s end which add clarifications on real history. Very well-done start to a new series sure to be a hit with the historical fiction and/or animal tales young readers able to read easy early chapter books (some disciplinary vocabulary encouragement will be needed though). Good for elementary school library purchase.

Genre: Historical Fiction, Animal Tales, Early Chapter Books
Age: 6-9 / Grades 2-4 and good for striving readers too
Pages: 192
Thank You to Blue Slip Media for my review copy
Publisher: Simon & Schuster / McElderry Books
Date: August 2019
ISBN: 9781534433335
Topics: Paul Revere's Ride, Revolutionary War, Colonialism
Themes: Friendship, Citizenship, Courage, Patriotism
Character: Fun and interesting group of patriot doggies.
Plot: The British Are Coming!!!
You can buy Filigree's Midnight Ride HERE
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Author Pam Berkman usually writes books for grown-ups. Filigree's Midnight Ride (and the Heels of History series) is her first series for kids. You can read more about her on her website > HERE
Author Dorothy Hearst has in publishing for over 20 years and is the author of The Wolf Chronicles trilogy. You can read more about her on her website > HERE
Illustrator Claire Powell is an illustrator who lives in London. You can read more about her on her website > HERE

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